About ROG

Robot Overlord Games is an independent game development studio based between Glasgow (UK) and Vienna (Austria).

ROG began as a name under which Luke Dicken developed small test projects that proved particular aspects of his artificial intelligence research, but has now grown to work on complete projects as well as providing AI contracting and consulting services to other developers. We most recently worked on Redshirt, a forthcoming title from The Tiniest Shark. We are also working on our own projects, which we’re really pleased to be able to start to introduce to you.

Our first game is called “Easy Money?”, and will be coming to mobile in 2014. It’s currently undergoing a face-list, overseen by ROG’s artist Verena Riedl. The game explores risk and reward – will you risk losing everything to climb the hiscore table, or will you play it safe and cash out early? We’re currently in public Alpha testing with our early-stage builds of the game, which you can check out for yourself here! You can learn more about the technology we’re using and the development process for Easy Money? by reading the blog.

You can keep track of us on Twitter: @RO_Games or Like our page on Facebook

The End of an Era

After more than three years, and only a few months after incorporating as an official company in the UK, I’m formally announcing that Robot Overlord Games is closing down. 2014 has been a fantastic year in so many ways. Bringing Verena onto Easy Money was a great move and we worked so well together. We …

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Robot Overlord Scores an Assist on Bodycheck by Ludometrics

We’re delighted to announce that we have recently been working with Glasgow-based developer Ludometrics on their forthcoming game “Bodycheck”. A Vita title reminiscent of the 90s classic Speedball, with some inspiration from Blood Bowl along the way, ROG has been consulting with Ludometrics to enhance the AI systems used in the game. You can read …

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