Apr 29

New Team Members and Projects

In my last post, I spoke briefly about a project I was working on with Heather Decker-Davis. At the time we were calling it “Bubble”. As of a couple of weeks ago, it has an official name – “Easy Money?”, and rather than being a vague “we’re working on this occasionally” situation, we’ve decided to make it something we are both working on as part of ROG. It’s official. You can read about it on our new “Projects” page!

Of course, in order for the project to come properly under the ROG umbrella, that means that Heather has joined Team Robot Overlord which is excellent news, and really just solidifies the fact that we’ve been collaborating on projects non-stop for the past 6 months or more with great success. Heather is a great talent and very dedicated, I’m thrilled that my first “hire” (…neither of us are technically getting paid right now…) is someone I respect so thoroughly.

Finally (at least in terms of EM), we wrote up our work to date for a conference submission, and we’re delighted to be able to announce that we will both be appearing as joint speakers at the No Show Conference, July 14th/15th at the MIT campus in Boston, Massachusetts.

As exciting as all that isn’t all that has been happening here at ROG either – we recently took on a contracting job, the first of many I hope. Mitu Khandaker of The Tiniest Shark is an amazing talent, included among her many credentials are being part of this year’s Develop 30 under 30 and speaking at GDC. I was personally very flattered when she asked for for ROG to contract on her first commercial game “Redshirt”, being published by Positech Games.

Robot Overlord Games started out as a bit of a sideline, but it’s rapidly becoming something I’m really proud of, with ties to some truly amazing people. I’m really proud and thrilled!